The Internet Is Losing It Over THAT Weetabix And Baked Beans Photo

Anna Lewis
·2-min read

From Delish

So, you may have seen yesterday that Weetabix had the cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption to share a photo on its social media of what can only be described as a lot of people’s worst nightmare: baked beans on Weetabix. Yeah, like beans on toast, but instead of toast, it was two Weetabix.

I mean, we can kind-of see what they were thinking with this. Kind-of...

But, despite us giving it the benefit of the doubt a little, Twitter is 100% not willing to do that, and what came after the uploading of that photo was a stream of incredible reactions on the Internet that we’ve collated for you right here. And the best part is, a lot of them are from other food brands. This is exactly the type of ‘bantz’ we’re into...

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