Internet declares end to ‘hot girl summer’ and welcomes ‘cozy boy autumn’

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Internet declares end to ‘hot girl summer’ and welcomes ‘cozy boy autumn’

Meteorological autumn has arrived in the UK, bringing cooler temperatures and browning leaves with it.

Many on social media have welcomed its arrival with open arms, particularly after a scorching summer of record-breaking heatwaves in western hemisphere.

In fact, a large number of social media users have declared it to be the end of “hot girl summer” – despite astronomical autumn beginning on 23 September – and the start of “cozy boy autumn”.

The phrase “hot girl summer” became popular in 2019 after Megan Thee Stallion released a song titled “Hot Girl Summer”.

It quickly became a mantra among women to feel confident and have a good time without worrying about what others may think.

But now, “cozy boy autumn” has shifted the focus on to men who like wearing warm jumpers and enjoy getting comfortable as the temperatures drop.

A tweet posted by Twitter user @joshcarlosjosh went viral after he posted movie stills featuring various actors wearing cuddly jumpers and wrote: “Hot girl summer is over, it’s time for cozy boy fall.”

The post included stills from Harry Potter, featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint,When Harry Met Sally... and Knives Out, which saw actors Billy Crystal and Chris Evans both wearing chunky white fisherman jumpers; and The Lighthouse, in which Robert Pattinson dons a thick jumper with a mock neck.

Some men added photographs of themselves enjoying “cozy boy autumn” to the thread or rejoiced in the impending end of summer.

One person wrote: “I just heard someone say that Hot Girl Summer has ended and it’s time for Cozy Boy Autumn and I am here for it.”

Another posted photos of themselves reading and roasting marshmallows by a fire and tweeted: “Racing into cozy boy autumn.”

The trend has continued on TikTok, with one content creator’s ode to autumn going viral.


Hot girl summer is dead, it is cozy boy autumn now #shoetok #autumn #shoecheck #ginger #autumnvibes

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TikToker Alex Lake posted a video showing himself waking up on 1 September and immediately pulling out his leather shoes and cozy jumpers in anticipation for autumn.

He also jokingly shows a bottle of sunscreen the middle finger, but reassured his followers he will continue wearing SPF throughout the year.

The video garnered more than 107,000 likes on the video sharing platform, with many commenters celebrating the arrival of meteorological autumn.