The internet can't cope 'bum-flashing' shorts

The so-called ‘bum shorts’ won’t be to everyone’s liking [Photo: Fashion Nova]

Words by Kristine Tarbert. 

It seems minimal material is the fashion trend that just won’t go away.

And now it’s a pair of denim shorts that internet users can’t cope with.

The ‘bum-flashing’ shorts from online retail Fashion Nova have gone viral with people pleading with the brand to sell shorts that “actually cover the butt”.

The high-rise denim shorts are being sold online $40 USD and feature tight, glittering suspenders and ripped patches – including one on the bum cheek.

A picture of the shorts was posted on the brands Instagram, and while some loved the look, many called them out for being too revealing. 

“Am I the only one who thinks these are hideous?” one person commented.

“Those shorts leave no room for any mystery, I’m just saying,” another added.

The high rise shorts will set you back $40 USD [Photo: Fashion Nova]

Shoppers begged the brand to “make some which cover the butt”.

“Do y’all have some shorts that aren’t showing my ass cheeks?” was one reply.

“Please make shorts that cover the butt more this season,” another said.

And even Twitter users shared their thoughts on the look.

It seems risqué pants aren’t going anywhere soon though.

Earlier this month fans of budget-friendly fashion site ASOS were left baffled by a new pair of trousers on the website – which are totally see-through.

Some likened the trousers to “clingfilm” and to be honest, we couldn’t agree more.

“I love ASOS but why on earth would you wear that?” another wrote.

Would you wear these shorts. [Photo: ASOS]