The internet is beyond impressed by this runner's 19mph form

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: millann - Getty Images
Photo credit: millann - Getty Images

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  • A runner named Daphne has gone viral after a video of her running at 19mph at ease on a treadmill was shared on social media.

  • The video was shared on TikTok by the ubrZati training facility in Florida.

The now-viral video shows a number of different runners trying to hold the rapid 19mph pace on the treadmill. While it's an impressive feat in itself, one runner appeared to hold the pace easily, without even breaking a sweat - Daphne.

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Immediately, the internet exploded, with runners praising her form and speed. One Twitter user wrote, 'Daphne look like she was out for a light jog that can't be her top speed.' Another replied to the clip saying, 'You can see the other runners fighting the machine, slipping back slightly then surging to keep up. Daphne is beating the belt at EVERY STEP. How fast can she go?'

Since then, other videos of Daphne running have been shared on social media.

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A Twitter account the seems to be Daphne herself has also replied to the video, writing, 'Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support! @UbrZati thanks for pushing me to become the best athlete that I can be!'

According to the ubrZati website, the training facility aims to 'build an athlete鈥檚 speed, power, agility, and endurance, along with teaching optimal running form/efficiency for peak performance.'

Go Daphne! 馃檶

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