This ‘Intense’ Ab Workout Takes Just 6 Minutes

Photo credit: eclipse_images - Getty Images
Photo credit: eclipse_images - Getty Images

In a new video on the Athlean-X channel, strength coach and trainer Jeff Cavaliere demonstrates a six-minute workout which he promises will absolutely torch your abs and help you shred that six-pack.

Hands Back Raises (60 Seconds)

"Don't think of pulling your knees towards your chest," advises Cavaliere. "Think about bringing your knees up towards your forehead... Get into that posterior pelvic tilt."

Drunken Mountain Climbers (30 Seconds)

This variation brings the legs up and across your body, introducing an all-important rotational motion which engages the obliques as well as the abdominals. Because remember: rotation of the trunk is one of the key functions of your core muscles.

Cross Knee Planks (60 Seconds)

Much like the mountain climbers, this exercise contracts the obliques if you're doing it right.

Rest for 30 Seconds.

Scissor V-ups (60 Seconds)

Scissoring your legs provides a challenge for the lower abs while requiring you to maintain a stable lower back and pelvis, while the V-up works the upper body in a top-down-driven movement.

Starfish Crunches (30 Seconds)

With each rep here, the objective is to lift your upper body and legs, rotating the upper body to the point that you can almost tap your opposite leg.

Rest for 30 Seconds

Upper Circle Crunches (30 Seconds in Each Direction)

The key to this upper-body-driven movement is the shoulder blades, and making sure that both are off the mat at the same time at the upper end of the rep before you start to rotate them down again. Again, this ensures you're working the obliques as well as the upper abs. After 30 seconds of performing this move clockwise, do it for another 30 seconds, this time counter-clockwise.

"That never gets easier," says Cavaliere after completing the entire circuit. "If you can do another round, you're psychotic."

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