Insurer’s data indicates when people are most likely to have a car collision

Families preparing to send their children back to school are being warned by an insurer that mid-afternoon can be a peak time for car collisions.

Claims data from Aviva indicates the highest number of collisions happen on Fridays between 3pm and 3.15pm.

The insurer said its data shows that this 15-minute slot has held the top spot since 2020, and 2023 figures show no sign of the trend declining.

Aviva also said that its 2022 collision claims figures indicated that more than one in four collision claims were for incidents that happened between 2pm and 4pm.

Censuswide research in August among nearly 800 parents across the UK who take their children to school or nursery was commissioned by Aviva.

It found that one in six (16%) said they have witnessed a vehicle collision while on the school run, while 84% have encountered a motoring incident or poor parking.

Alec Reeder, interim chief underwriting officer – retail, at Aviva, said: “September sees the return of the school run for much of the UK and there’s no doubt this is one of the most hectic parts of the day. That’s why it’s so important to leave extra time to avoid a last-minute panic and rushed driving.

“Hybrid working patterns mean more people now have the flexibility to collect their children from school, but working and factoring in a pick-up deadline can leave many watching the clock and squeezing the time until school’s out. We see this especially on a Friday afternoon, where people may be in an extra hurry to beat weekend getaway traffic.

“Paying attention to where you park could also save you and others from accidents and frustrations. Parking inconsiderately, or in the wrong place, could land you with a hefty fine and you could be at fault, even if another vehicle crashes into you, so it’s worth doing your homework on safe – and legal – places to park near to school.”