Instagram users afraid they won’t be able to share Halloween costumes as it suspends their accounts

Instagram users have described Instagram’s outage as “the worst Halloween trick of all time” after the social media platform began informing users that their accounts had been suspended.

On 31 October, users began reporting widespread issues logging into their accounts. Many revealed that they were informed their account had been suspended when they tried to use the app.

Although the issue appears to be a technical problem, it has prompted concern from Instagram’s users who have not taken lightly to the realisation they might not be able to use the app to view and share costumes this Halloween.

Many disgruntled users took to Twitter to question the Halloween outage, with some wondering whether it was the platform’s attempt at a “joke” or a “Halloween trick”.

“Is this some spooky Halloween joke?” one person asked, while another said: “Dear #Instagram if this is a trick on Halloween it’s not good #instagramdown.”

“Hey @instagram please unban/reinstate my account. This is the worst Halloween trick of all time. #instagramdown #instagramban,” someone else tweeted.

Others took to the alternative social media platform to express concerns about whether they would be able to share their costumes.

@instagram y’all are down on Halloween!!! How is anyone supposed to post their Halloween fits??? #instagramdown,” one person asked.

Another claimed the outage was “f**king ridiculous,” as they noted they still had “Halloween parties to attend” and “pictures to post”.

Some users even went as far as to jokingly threaten the app. One person told Instagram that it had until 8pm to fix the issue, as it wouldn’t be “ruining [them] posting on Halloween”.

“I just wanted to post cute Halloween photos but Instagram decided to suspend my account, cool. #instagramdown,” someone else tweeted.

Aldi even joined in on the frustrating reactions, with the UK store joking: “Imagine spending hours on a Halloween look for the ‘gram only for it to go down on the day #instagramdown.”

Instagram has since said it is aware of the issues, and is working to fix the glitch. “We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologise for the inconvenience,” the platform said.

The Independent has contacted Instagram for comment.