A new Instagram account is exposing the inconsistencies in influencer pay

Dusty Baxter-Wright
Photo credit: Instagram/influencerpaygap

From Cosmopolitan

A new Instagram account is exposing the influencer pay gap, revealing the inconsistencies in how much money people receive to post on social media.

@influencerpaygap set up their account two days ago [8 June], sharing their mission statement on the grid. They wrote: "Now more than ever it is important to take a solid stance against the disparities in opportunities, pay and visibility between Black and non-Black influencers.

"This is an open call for transparency, we ask influencers across all platforms, with varying degrees of following, influence and engagement to participate.

"We specifically call on non-Black influencers to use this as an opportunity for transparency. The more access to this information, the easier it is for Black influencers especially to hold brands accountable."

The industry can be notorious for a lack of transparency in earnings, and with no clear guidelines on how much an Instagram post, IGTV or Story should be worth, it's unsurprising that the Instagram account has thrown up discrepancies.

The account already has 10k Instagram followers, with many influencers praising the idea for encouraging more transparency and more accountability.

In response to the support, they wrote, "In an industry that’s still relatively in its infancy we do hope that as time goes by, influencers and content creators, no matter the size of your following, are equipped with all the information and resources needed to demand more for themselves. I also sincerely hope brands work towards change."

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