Who inspired the Daily Worker headline A Communist in Space? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Who inspired the Daily Worker headline “A Communist in Space”?
2 Which society was divided into jarls, karls and thralls?
3 Whose earnings would be paid into a Coogan account?
4 What is Europe’s largest wild cat?
5 Tropicália was a 1960s artistic movement in which country?
6 Who has co-written thrillers with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton?
7 What Basque game is the fastest-moving ball sport?
8 What was officially opened by pilot Amy Johnson in Skegness in 1936?
What links:
Rex Ingram; Robin Williams; Will Smith; Idris Elba?
10 Bulbasaur (1); Pikachu (25); Vulpix (37); Golem (76)?
11 Cy Young; Hank Aaron; Gold Glove; Silver Slugger?
12 Ascending; transverse; descending; sigmoid?
13 Simien; Rwenzori; Atlas; Drakensberg?
14 Pink; Anderson Paak; HearSay; Godspeed You Black Emperor?
15 Sprites; blue jets; elves; anvil crawlers; bead; ribbon?

The answers

1 Yuri Gagarin.
2 Viking/Scandinavian: nobles; tradesmen; slaves.
Child performer (in the US, under California Child Actor’s Bill).
4 Lynx (Eurasian).
5 Brazil.
6 James Patterson.
7 Pelota (jai alai).
8 First Butlin’s holiday camp.
9 Played genie: The Thief of Bagdad; Aladdin (1992); Aladdin (2019); Three Thousand Years of Longing.
10 Pokémon (by National Pokédex number).
11 Individual awards in major league baseball.
12 Parts of the colon.
13 African mountain ranges.
14 Musical acts missing a punctuation mark.
15 Types of lightning.