Inspirational workout: The get back on track workout for 2013

Anita Albrecht
Yahoo Lifestyle
11 January 2013

Thousands of Brits will have quit their New Year's resolutions this week.

New research has revealed that thousands of promises to get in shape, quit smoking and ditch bad habits are broken come the second week of January.

But if your plans for a fitter, healthier new you in 2013 have already started to waver after you've missed a few spin classes and enjoyed a takeaway on a Friday night, it doesn't have to mean it's time to throw in the towel.

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We've come up with a workout that's easy to do and promises to inspire you to get back on track with your fitness goals.

It can be done from your living room at home and needs no fancy equipment, meaning you can fit it in around your schedule - rather than fretting over making that spin class.

Warm Up: 3x jogging on the spot (1 minute each) and stretch all muscles from top to toe in between jogs.

1- Squat Kicks (30 reps of kicks or 15 on each leg with a squat between each kick) with feet about shoulder width apart, hands on hips, squat down so your thighs are parallel with the floor then bring one leg up without leaning back, keeping abs tight and kick that leg out hard! Then squat again and kick up the other leg. Alternate each leg in between each squat.

2- Press Up Jacks (20 reps) Either from your knees or balls of the feet, perform a press up going as low as you can keeping abdominals tight and preventing the lower back from collapsing. Then in between each press up, jump the feet in and out keeping the bottom down to activate the core and elevate the heart rate. Doing a press up and face down jumping jack counts as one repetition.

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3- Oblique Burpee Tucks (20 reps) Do a normal Burpee where you start in a deep squat position, place hands on floor then jump the legs out behind you into a 'plank' type position.  Before you jump your feet back to the squat position by your hands and then jump upwards finishing off the burpee, bend one knee and take it to the outside of the body squeezing the waist/obliques.The following burpee, do the same but bend your knee on the other side.

4- High Knee Sprint - Using your arms strongly like a sprinter, sprint on the spot bringing your knees up as high as possible without leaning back and really charge with your arms. Engage the abdominals, keep up the knees as high as you can when you sprint and do this FLAT OUT for 30 seconds! Your knees should be the height of your hips or higher when you sprint.

5- 'Hot Hands' with Ab Tuck (20 reps) Start with your hands on the floor and body in a tight plank position, on the balls of your feet. Keeping your hips still, abdominals tight and your bottom in line with neck and spine 'pull' one arm upwards squeezing your back muscles then place hand back down on the floor. Once you have done the other side pull one knee in at a time towards your chest squeezing your abs and keeping hips down. Both movements done on each leg counts as one repetition.

6- Jumping Jack with Tuck Jump (20 reps) - Jump feet out into a DEEP squat. Jump both feet back together keeping knees bent deeply. Then jump with both feet up into a tuck jump. This counts as one rep.

7- Triple Sit Ups (15 reps) - lying on your back with knees bent and arms straight with hands clasped together do a full controlled sit up to the left of your body, one to the middle and another to the right of your body. Once you have done all 3 directions (1 rep) then repeat for the rest of the set.

So there you have it. The workout, the how to and the motivation to keep you going until new goals are set. All you need to do now is enjoy an ever changing new you, inside and out!

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