Inside Kym Johnson's Life with Robert Herjavec After Leaving “DWTS” to Raise Twins: 'Truly Magical' (Exclusive)

The professional dancer shares her 5-year-old twins Hudson and Haven with the 'Shark Tank' judge

<p>Rebecca Hitch Photography; John Salangsang/ABC via Getty</p> Kym Johnson with her two kids, Hudson and Haven (L) and Robert Herjavec (R)

Rebecca Hitch Photography; John Salangsang/ABC via Getty

Kym Johnson with her two kids, Hudson and Haven (L) and Robert Herjavec (R)

Kym Johnson may have found fame dancing on national TV, but her time on the small screen brought her more than just a Mirrorball trophy — it gave her a family.

The Dancing with the Stars alum, 47, left the franchise in 2015 after meeting and later marrying partner Robert Herjavec, 61. Though she returned for one more season in 2017, Johnson gave birth to twins Hudson and Haven in April 2018, leading her to permanently step away from the series. Now, her life has pivoted again as she's starring in Lifetime's original movie Hunting Housewives.

"I've got so much to thank Dancing with the Stars for," Johnson tells PEOPLE. "I ended up meeting my husband on the show. So, thank you! But it felt like the right time to step away."

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<p>Rebecca Hitch Photography</p> Kym Johnson

Rebecca Hitch Photography

Kym Johnson

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Sharing that she initially joined the show in season 3, which brought her from Australia to America, the professional dancer says she thought it would be a one-season thing. Instead, she stayed on the series for 10 years and 17 seasons.

"It's always hard to pivot and transition to different careers, but as a dancer, it takes a toll on your body, and I've always wanted to do other things," the mom of two shares. "And I'm lucky enough now that I do have some opportunities coming my way."

Although she's ultimately happy that she transitioned away from the show, Johnson says a return isn't totally out of the cards.

<p>Rebecca Hitch Photography</p> Johnson (center) with Haven (L) and Hudson (R)

Rebecca Hitch Photography

Johnson (center) with Haven (L) and Hudson (R)

"You know what, never say never," Johnson says, noting that she returned for season 32's tribute to late head judge Len Goodman, who died in April.

"It sort of was funny being back in the ballroom because all the feelings come back... it felt like you were back home again. And that's the magic of the show. It does make you feel at home."

Of course, nothing is better than actually being home. Johnson, who married Herjavec in 2016, says nothing makes her happier than her family of four.

"We had our twins later in life. I got married later in life," the mom of two says, who welcomed her twins at 41. "And it just made me realize you really do have to trust the timing of your life. I was thinking, 'Gosh, am I ever going to find the one?' And I'm glad I just didn't settle just for the sake of it."

<p>Rebecca Hitch Photography</p> Kym Johnson

Rebecca Hitch Photography

Kym Johnson

"But it's truly a miracle. And to have met Robert, who is incredible, so supportive and my best friend, and then to have these miracle children was just absolutely amazing. So I couldn't be happier. I have to pinch myself. It's truly magical."

The happy couple has established a great balance as they parent their 5-year-old twins Hudson and Haven, with Johnson saying that they love to do "most things together."

"We try and now do Daddy days and Mommy days, so we're not always just having the two of them do exactly the same thing," Johnson adds. "So Robert will take Haven out like a daddy/daughter day or take Hudson out, and me as well."

"But he's amazing. We're splitting our time between Australia and Canada at the moment, and they're in school here, and Robert takes the bus up to the school, which is...I don't think he's ever taken a bus before."

Admitting that it's "so funny" to see her Shark Tank judge husband taking the bus with the kids to school, Johnson says their life is "pretty normal," but they love it.

"I do all the lunches, I pack their lunch boxes, and then he takes them on the bus. So we are a pretty good team and we love all being together."

Outside of school time, the family of four loves to go on adventures outside and travel together.

"We're always up for being outside, adventures, whether we're in Canada or wherever. We love New York. Whenever we go to New York, we're out in Central Park. My daughter loves the bagels, the pretzels there, the giant pretzels as big as her face," says Johnson.

"We love to go to museums. We just get out there and do fun family stuff. Robert cannot sit still, so he loves to be busy and active and do things. So we just try and spend as much quality time with the kids as we possibly can."

<p>Lifetime</p> Johnson with Nene Leakes and Denise Richards in 'Hunting Housewives'


Johnson with Nene Leakes and Denise Richards in 'Hunting Housewives'

Things are getting a little bit more hectic in Johnson's life as she returns to TV in Lifetime's original movie Hunting Housewives, which also stars Nene Leakes and Denise Richards.

"It's kind of like Survivor meets The Real Housewives," the multi-hyphenate says of her new movie. "And I just thought it was really fun. It's about female empowerment. It's funny, it's dramatic. It's sort of got everything in there."

Johnson says she had been considering a pivot in her career from dancing, adding that she missed having the chance to be creative.

"When this opportunity came up, I thought this is going to be a great sort of transition for me," she says. "I've been doing a few little things up in Canada, and then this came about and I was like, 'I get to be creative. I'm not killing my body dancing.' It's obviously very different from dancing, but you are also still performing in a way. So I really enjoyed the challenge of that."

And for Johnson, the best part of the whole experience is that she can still make time to be active in her kids' lives.

"These projects are perfect because they might be 10 days of filming, so it's not like I'm having to go into the office every single day," she says. "I"'m lucky enough to be able to be there with the kids and stuff, but it's sort of nice to have those flexible hours."

Lifetime’s Hunting Housewives airs Saturday, March 9 at 8p/7c.

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