Inside Bong Joon Ho's 'Parasite' Oscars After-Party

Tom Nicholson
Photo credit: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX - Getty Images

From Esquire

Bong Joon Ho signed off his Oscars speech by saying he was ready to drink until the next morning, and the after-party for the Parasite gang was the hottest ticket in Los Angeles.

But what actually goes on at the party you throw when you've just won four Oscars and broken all sorts of records in the process? Well, you walk into Soho House in West Hollywood to rapturous and hard-earned applause while holding your award aloft.

Production company Neon put the party on, and a lot of it was built around a performance from K-pop band ACE, who did a few bangers and some dancing, plus a few covers of that other great Korean cultural export, BTS, into the bargain.

Obviously, this footage is slightly less polished the average Best Picture winner, so here's a little slice of one of ACE's music videos, in which they play some cards while what we can only assume is 'a bad guy' tries to take pictures of them while clinging to the outside of a train.

It's not clear whether that train they're all playing cards on is the same train from Bong's railway-based class warfare parable Snowpiercer, but it's within the bounds of possibility.

Even the drinks were apparently themed around the successes of the evening, with one cocktail each for the Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature and Best Director. Coincidence? No. Well, maybe call it poetic happenstance.

Probably best to take that peach emoji literally.

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