Inhaler want to make authentic pop records

Inhaler want to make authentic pop credit:Bang Showbiz
Inhaler want to make authentic pop credit:Bang Showbiz

Inhaler want to make "pop music that is also authentic".

The 'These Are The Days' hitmakers believe many of the biggest groups in the world were "pop bands" and they know aiming for the mainstream is important to achieve huge success.

Frontman Elijah Hewson said: Our thing is, ‘Why can’t we make pop music that is also authentic?’ A lot of people think that pop music is a scary, zeitgeisty thing that can make you lose your creativity, but Nirvana and The Beatles – all these great bands – were pop bands. We’re just being honest. Do you think Oasis didn’t want to be the biggest band in the world?”

His bandmate, drummer Ryan McMahon added in an interview with NME: "Why do we have to categorise ourselves or pigeonhole ourselves into this weird cult way? We want as many people as possible to hear us.”

The group - who release their second album 'Cuts + Bruises' next month - will be hitting the road to support both Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles this year and are determined to pull out all the stops with their live shows.

Elijah promised: "It’s going to be a better show. It’s not just five lads on stage chancing their arm anymore; we actually have to step up and make it a real thing.”

Bassist Robert Keating added: “We’re not here to be a mid-bill festival band – you have to keep pushing to the very top.”

But the 'My Honest Face' rockers won't be partying hard while out on tour because they care so much about their careers.

Robert said: “There are a lot of bands that are ambitious for the wrong reasons. We don’t get on it or get hammered. Everything we do, we care about it and we think about it.”

Ryan added: “You see interviews with big artists from the ‘90s and they can’t remember anything from back in the day. We want to remember this, because it’s such an amazing thing to say we have done.”