Inhaler inspired by Beatles documentary

Inhaler inspired by Beatles documentary credit:Bang Showbiz
Inhaler inspired by Beatles documentary credit:Bang Showbiz

Inhaler credit the Beatles documentary with helping them relieve the pressure of working on their second album.

The Dublin group revealed Peter Jackson's 'Get Back' offered them some comfort and inspiration while working on their upcoming release 'Cuts Bruises’.

Drummer Ryan McMahon told NME: "You’re watching the greatest band of all time and go through their own problems and their own struggles. You think, ‘That’s a perfect record – how could there be anything wrong with it?’, and then you see what their relationship was like. It gave us a sense that, though we were at loggerheads sometimes, we were all working on something that felt good and felt right.”

Singer Eli Hewson - whose father is U2 frontman Bono - admitted that the band really struggled with their second album.

He said: "We had such a hard time making this record. We thought, ‘Aren’t you meant to enjoy making a record to some extent?’"

And, Hewson also revealed that the band have a difficult time defining their own genre.

He explained: "We don’t think of ourselves as a boyband. We’re not in the pop mainstream but we’re not a proper rock band.”

Meanwhile, bassist Robert Keating insisted that the band is serious about their music and are not just in it for the fame.

He said: "There are a lot of bands that are ambitious for the wrong reasons. We don’t get on it or get hammered. We don’t go to shoots or award shows just to be there. Everything we do, we care about it and we think about it.”