Influencer speaks out after claiming guests had to prove social media following to get into party

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Influencer denies guests had to show follower count to get into Halloween party (TikTok / @denisestephaniee / @charlyjordan)
Influencer denies guests had to show follower count to get into Halloween party (TikTok / @denisestephaniee / @charlyjordan)

An influencer has denied claims that she vetted guests allowed into her Halloween party by follower count after the rumour circulated on TikTok.

The claim began circulating on Monday, a day after the holiday, when a TikTok user named Denise, who goes by the username @denisestephaniee, uploaded a video to the platform in which she said that “you seriously gotta show your follower count to get into a party”.

“I thought y’all were kidding but you seriously gotta show your follower count to get into a party?! LA is something different,” Denise wrote on the video. In the caption, she added: “Like I thought this was a joke. Also your fav ‘influencers’ are all rude as sh*t.”

According to Insider, the TikTok user then revealed in a since-deleted follow-up TikTok, which has been posted to Instagram by @defnoodles, that she was referring to influencer Charly Jordan, who has more than 4.7m followers on Instagram and 7.4m followers on TikTok.

In the video, Denise claimed that, while she and her friends were waiting outside to be allowed entry into Jordan’s Halloween party, they heard people urging others in line to pull up their Instagram and TikTok accounts, as they had to “show them to get in”.

The claim was eventually addressed by Jordan on TikTok, where she clarified that guests weren’t denied entry based on their follower count, but by whether she herself followed them on social media.

“So some girl who couldn’t get into my party made a video that’s going viral about how I wasn’t letting people into my party because they didn’t have enough followers,” Jordan began. “So let me reenact what actually happened.”


like I thought this was a joke. also ur fav “influencers” are all rude as sh!t

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The influencer then proceeded to show the front gate to her house, which she acknowledged is “one door,” before alleging that guests who showed up caused damage to her property by trying to force their way inside.

In addition to allegedly breaking Jordan’s “lights and plants,” the influencer added: “Not only that, but people were trying to jump over my walls so there’s blood and paint and sh*t all over my walls, which I am personally having to pay for.”

Jordan then addressed the social media follower claim directly, explaining that there were “so many people” outside that her security guards eventually told the crowd: “Pull up your following and if Charly follows you, we’ll let you in.”

“Everybody misinterpreted that and just started pulling out their phones and showing their follower count for no reason,” the 22-year-old social media star continued, before claiming that she was standing outside and at one point stood on her wall to scream to the assembled crowd that she doesn’t “give a f*** how many followers you have, if I don’t know you, I’m not letting you in”.


Y’all really wana believe everything u so online but here ya go

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According to Jordan, even after she clarified her intention, the number of people attempting to gain entry to the party remained the same.

She concluded the video: “The fact that I even have to defend myself against my own party is kind of ridiculous, but yeah.”

The influencer also defended herself on Instagram, according to Insider, which reported that Jordan wrote in a since-expired Instagram Story that the claim was “absolutely not true” and that she was just “trying to let my friends in” and “not all the randoms that showed up and destroyed my property and jumped my gate which I’m now having to pay for”.

“Why would I let strangers into my house?” she added, before reportedly posting a video of the damage done to her house from the party.

On TikTok, where Jordan’s video has been viewed more than 5.6m times, many of her followers have shared their support for her explanation.

“So they felt entitled when you didn’t even know them. How embarrassing,” one person commented.

Another said: “I love how people feel entitled to YOUR HOME.”

“The fact that you have to explain yourself is ridiculous. All these people criticising you wouldn’t let strangers in their house either,” someone else added.

Denise appeared to sarcastically reference the saga again in a video posted to TikTok on Wednesday, in which she wrote: “My sincerest apologies to everyone. Next time I will be sure to get on the list and not make a whole TikTok based off of what I heard outside.”


so sorry for just listening to what people were saying. whenever I host a party y’all are all invited

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In the caption, the TikTok user added that she was “so sorry to listening to what people were saying” and that when she hosts a party “y’all are all invited”.

The Independent has contacted Denise and Jordan for comment.

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