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Tropical Palm Kiddie Pool

This Tropical Palm Kiddie Pool ($59) is the cutest and available for preorder.

6 Chic Inflatable Pools For Grown-Ass Adults, Because Sometimes Space Is Tight

When summer rolls around, it becomes uncomfortably clear that while not everybody is lucky enough to have a yard or a pool, most of us could definitely use one. For those of us trying to escape the heat on urban rooftops or tiny patios, blow-up pools are sometimes the only answer, which (up until now) has meant raiding the "kiddie pool" section on Amazon in search of hot-weather relief. But thanks to a few brands, there are officially inflatable pools chic enough for grown-ass adults . . . and a lot of them are continually restocking due to popular demand. So grab your SPF, some Rosé, and a swimsuit, because you'll want to relax in one of these ASAP!

- Additional reporting by Brinton Parker


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