Inflatable pink coffin goes viral as millennials can't wait to Instagram it this summer

Will you be squeezing an inflatable coffin into your suitcase before jetting off this summer? [Photo: Pom Pom Floats]

It’s official: the swan float is so 2017 (sorry, Taylor) and the inflatable coffin is the next big thing. Well, according to Instagram anyway.

Canadian designers, Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton, thought up the idea three years ago but when someone offered to make the friends a sample last week, they finally kick-started the project.

In a bid to raise funds, Greenbaum took to Instagram on the lookout for potential investors. Beneath an image of the killer pool float he wrote: “Let us know if you think a kick-starter would be a cool idea or if you have a rich daddy who wanna invest. We taking suggestion no doubt forsure [sic].”

And Twitter is here for it, as one social media user joked: “When you dead inside but still feelin’ the beach’.

Will you be drifting out to sea this summer in this season’s most Instagrammable accessory? [Photo: Pom Pom Floats]

While another was excited about the fact that the design could help reduce the risk of sunburn. What better excuse to shut yourself away from the world with a well-deserved cocktail and book to hand?

But some were far more concerned about the practicalities of the inflatable coffin [sic], as they quipped: “Until u [sic] fall asleep in it and wake up in another country”.

Fast-forward a week and Twitter will be pleased to learn that the pink coffin is now listed on Kickstarter under the collaborative name: ‘Pom Pom Floats’. Fusing ‘fun, nonchalance, satire and strangeness’, the design duo hope to give the term Insta-worthy a whole new meaning.

But they don’t come cheap, as each coffin bears a $120 (approximately £91) price tag with shipping costs to the UK scoring a grand total of £38. Worth it for the ‘gram though, right?

“When you’re dead inside but still feeling the beach” [Photo: Pom Pom Floats]

Though the millennial masterpiece isn’t the only inflatable racking up the likes in the social media sphere, as a lilo with boob holders is also taking the Internet by storm.

Lingerie giant, Bravissimo, launched the innovative project last month after an April Fool’s Day joke left fans hoping that the brand would make a lilo for big-breasted holiday-goers.

Now all we need to do is book a holiday…

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