Indigenous Thriller ‘Cold Road’ Nabbed by LevelFilm

Dene filmmaker Kelvin Redvers’ Indigenous thriller Cold Road has been picked up by levelFilm.

The debut feature comes from the Canadian filmmaker who made headlines when he was initially turned away from a red carpet screening of horrormeister David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future at the Cannes Film Festival for wearing handmade moccasins with the requisite tuxedo. After an intervention by the Telefilm Canada, the Canadian film financier, Redvers was allowed into the gala screening for Cronenberg’s film.

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Cold Road, a genre thriller from IndigiFilm Media and starring Roseanne Supernault, is set on a frozen highway in the remote Canadian North where an Indigenous woman, Tracy, and her dog, Pretzel, are hunted by a stranger in a semi truck.

As Tracy realizes she’s being stalked, it’s too late to turn back, the temperature drops, night comes and she has no choice but to fight for her life. Redvers sees Cold Road as an antidote to Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, which represents an Indigenous story told by an American director, feeding a debate about cultural appropriation.

“Cold Road is the answer to so many of the questions raised in the wake of Flower Moon. This is a film produced, written and directed by an Indigenous director, with Indigenous leads, about an Indigenous story — and it was made for a mainstream audience,” Redvers said in a statement.

Cold Road was shot in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories and is financed by Telefilm Canada and Bell Media. Redvers wrote and directed the indie, while also producing alongside Matt Watterworth and Gianna Isabella, with Scott Lepp and Mark Miller executive producing.

Kelvin Redvers
Kelvin Redvers

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