The takeaway sister of popular Coriander Lounge

Cardamom Kitchen, Winchester Road <i>(Image: Cardamom Kitchen)</i>
Cardamom Kitchen, Winchester Road (Image: Cardamom Kitchen)

ENJOY all of your authentic Indian fine-dining favourites in the comfort of your own home.

Cardamom Kitchen, on Winchester Road, is a dedicated takeaway business brought to you by the team behind Coriander Lounge, widely considered one of Southampton's best restaurants.

Mujib Mohammed and Nab Miah have enjoyed tremendous success since launching Coriander Lounge on the High Street 13 years ago.

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Last year, they added Cardamom Kitchen to their empire and regular customers just can't get enough of the food.

Nab told the Daily Echo: "We know people love the fine dining on offer at Coriander Lounge, but sometimes people don't want to go out to eat or find restaurants quite expensive. That's where we come in.

"We're in a good spot and have a great catchment area. Customers are enjoying being able to have their favourite dishes delivered to their door."

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

The Cardamom Kitchen starter menu includes such delights as mouth-watering and perfectly spiced Garlic Fried Prawns, a personal favourite, or the ever-popular Mixed Kebab, a combination of shami kebab, seekh kebab, onion bhaji, chicken and lamb tikka.

Follow that up with a Cardamom Special Biryani, combining chicken, lamb and prawn, basmati rice, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, roasted cashew nuts and saffron cooked together at low heat and garnished with egg or Pannier Aur Makai Bhurjee – a feast of sweetcorn and cottage cheese.

Food, including lamb, seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes cooked up by a chef who has been working at Coriander Lounge for 12 years, can be delivered within a three-mile radius or collected at a 20 per cent discount from the refurbished takeaway.

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

A catering option is also available for special gatherings and the team at Cardamom Kitchen has previously catered for large events for up to 130 people, including a platinum jubilee street party in Shirley.

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