Inclusive Swimwear Brand Kitty and Vibe Is, Indeed, a Vibe - Here's What 2 Editors Thought

As someone who isn't blessed in the booty department, shopping for swimsuit bottoms has always been a bit of a struggle. When I size up for a pair that sits comfortably on my hips, the butt often looks saggy - a look that only gets worse once you jump in the pool.

So when I got the chance to test out Kitty and Vibe swimwear, I was immediately excited by the sizing options. All the bottoms come in two different fits - one for flatter tushes like mine, and one for rounder butts - so I could finally get that snug, cheeky look. Kitty and Vibe's bikini tops are also sized like bras, so it's much easier to decode which size you need.

My colleague Grayson Gilcrease also tested out a Kitty and Vibe suit. "While Annalise was excited that the bottoms came in multiple fits, I was thrilled at the prospect of finding a reversible suit in an absolutely adorable pattern," Grayson said. "My only issue with the suit was with the cut of the bottoms that I chose. Turns out, I'm not as cheeky as I might have originally thought and would've opted for a high-waisted bottom if I had to do it all over again."

Best of all, Kitty and Vibe suits come in tons of fun patterns, from dainty florals to retro gingham to even a few reversible options. These bikinis don't just look good - they're also supportive enough to actually wear for a swim. With inclusive sizing, comfortable material, and on-trend patterns, the vibes are definitely immaculate.

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