Ina Garten Suggests Cutting a Bagel in Thirds — and People Are Conflicted

An old video of Ina Garten cutting a bagel into three slices is going viral online

<p>Food Network</p> Ina Garten suggests cutting a bagel in thirds.

Food Network

Ina Garten suggests cutting a bagel in thirds.

Ina Garten always has a trick up her sleeve — even when it comes to something as simple as cutting a bagel.

A Barefoot Contessa clip recently resurfaced online causing passionate opinions from fans. The cookbook author describes her favorite way to slice a bagel — but rather than cutting the breakfast staple in half, Garten demonstrates how she likes to divide it in thirds horizontally.

“Instead of having a big, thick bagel, I like to cut it in thirds,” the Be My Guest with Ina Garten host explained in the decade-old video. “So instead, you get a nice little sandwich.”

While it might seem like Garten would use the three bagel slices to create a triple-decker sandwich, that isn’t the case. She only uses two slices, turning two bagels into three thinner sandwiches.

“I think it tastes better,” she said simply in the clip, showing how she likes to put herb cream cheese and smoked salmon in between the two slices.

On Sunday, Food Network posted the clip on TikTok and followers flooded the comment section with their thoughts.

Many viewers liked Garten’s method, like one fan who wrote, “She’s onto something!” Others supported the idea of using all three slices and called a triple-decker sandwich “a vibe.”

Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Ina Garten
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Ina Garten

But there were plenty of naysayers who didn't agree with her technique: “Dont mess with my bagel i want it all,” one commenter said.

Another commenter found themselves conflicted. “This felt like a crime but it’s ina,” they said.

Many videos attempting to recreate Garten’s bagel technique don’t properly mimic the beloved chef and instead show that club sandwich-style layering. So it's unclear if disgruntled commenters are truly upset with Garten's suggestion to make a slimmer sandwich.

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Garten is always educating her fans on TV — and on Instagram.

Last month, Garten posted two Instagram videos with tips for making “flavorful, moist” chicken.

“Everybody always asks, ‘How do you make chicken that’s not dry?’ And there are two really important things,” Garten said in the clip. “First, I slightly undercook it. If you overcook chicken it gets very dry. And then I let it rest.”

Some fans were wary of the cooking tip, but Garten was clear that the chicken continues to cook under aluminum foil until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

“The chicken keeps cooking and all the juices get back into the chicken,” she explained. “You won’t believe what a difference it makes.”

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