In pictures: Mysterious, 105 foot-wide sinkhole at mining site in Chile

·Editor, Yahoo News Canada

A mysterious, giant sinkhole appeared at a mining site in Chile over the weekend, leading authorities to investigate.

On Tuesday, Chile's National Service of Geology and Mining confirmed the sinkhole is almost 105 feet in diameter. That's about 11-feet longer than an NBA or WBNA basketball court.

The hole appeared on land where Canadian company Lundin Mining operates a copper mine.

According to USGS, sinkholes can occur where the rock below the land surface can naturally be dissolved by groundwater circulating through them. This creates caverns or spaces that can collapse suddenly despite the surface appearing stable.

The investigators of the sinkhole in Chile haven't yet determined how it was created. The company is monitoring the nearby Alcaparrosa mine for any movement related to the event. Work in the underground mine has been temporarily suspended.

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