Imran Khan shot in 'assassination attempt'

Imran Khan has been shot credit:Bang Showbiz
Imran Khan has been shot credit:Bang Showbiz

Imran Khan has been shot in an apparent "assassination attempt".

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan was said to have been hit in the leg during a march with his supporters, local news outlets have reported.

Unidentified shooters opened fire on the ex-cricketer's car as it passed through Wazirabad, and Pakistani news channel ARY has shared footage appearing to show him being carried through a crowd by attendants with a bandage tied around his leg.

A senior aide said: "This was an attempt to kill him, to assassinate him."

Sky News reporter Cordelia Lynch was on the scene, having just interviewed Khan - who is six days into a protest march from Lahore to Islamabad as part of a campaign to bring early elections to the country after being ousted from power in April - and said there was a sudden "commotion" after she had finished interviewing him about threats of violence during his trek.

She said: "The injured were taken into an ambulance... a lot of panic... people rushing. No one could quite work out what was happening.

"Then Imran Khan emerged. He had been shot, I understand, in the left leg.

"In fact, our producer here, Mohammed, was able to see that. He was very close to Imran Khan as he emerged.

"He was taken away... a doctor, who was close by, treated three patients.

"This was the worst case scenario - what so many people were concerned about was that this peaceful protest had the potential to turn violent."

Farrukh Habib, of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, said: “Imran Khan is injured, may Allah protect him, the whole nation should pray for the life of Imran Khan.”

A spokesperson for the party said the 70-year-old politician was "safe" and a suspect has been arrested, while leader Asad Umar said Khan is in a "stable" condition.

The former finance minister said: "He is stable. The bullet hit his leg. He is being shifted to a hospital in Lahore."