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Write a Letter to Yourself With 21 Things You Love About You

Since 21 is a milestone birthday, it's a great chance to reflect and admire all of the amazing things you've accomplished and the memories you've made over the last 21 years. Celebrate you!

8 Creative Ways You Can Still Celebrate Your 21st Birthday During the Pandemic

Whenever I used to picture what my 21st birthday would look like, it usually involved a fancy brunch in the city with my closest friends, a girls' trip to a tropical destination, or a chic dinner followed by a night of intoxicated dancing at a nightclub. But a few months ago when the US began to issue stay-at-home orders amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I began to wonder if I would have to tone down those elaborate plans. Fast-forward to now, a few weeks before the big day, and I know I have to.

While it sucks to not have the 21st birthday I always envisioned, I decided that instead of feeling sad about it, there's no reason I can't still have a celebration - it'll just have to be reimagined a bit to fit social distancing rules. I always bought into the media's portrayal of 21st birthdays as a chance to go all out and exercise my right to drink legally, but in these times especially, birthdays are a chance to celebrate the gift of life and cherish loved ones. Keeping in mind that I want my birthday to be quaint yet special (and definitely include a bottle of Champagne), I thought of a few alternatives to celebrate this milestone in a safe and responsible way. So, if you have a birthday now too, keep reading for some fun options.


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