I'm terrible at cooking, and this $1,499 appliance changed the way I approach it

I'm terrible at cooking, and this $1,499 appliance changed the way I approach it
  • Growing up, no one taught me how to cook and I wasn't very interested in it.

  • Now I'm a mom of three kids, and my husband is mostly in charge of our meals.

  • The Thermomix has helped me be less intimidated by recipes and actually cook for my family.

I regularly joke that if I was in charge of cooking for our family, we would probably end up poisoned or ordering takeout every night. The reality is that I never learned how to cook, and now as an adult, I'm intimidated by making something from scratch.

My husband, on the other hand, absolutely loves cooking. He will come up with his own recipes and improvise when we don't have what's needed for a meal. Naturally, he is in charge of our family's nutrition.

But I would be lying if I didn't say that sometimes I feel inadequate when he has to do something out of the house during meal-time, and I'm left panicking about what to feed our kids beyond peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Thermomix changed everything. My mom had been talking nonstop about the "cooking robot" all her friends in Europe were raving about. I was skeptical but also desperate, so about three years ago, I ponied up $1,499 in hopes that it would either teach me how to cook or relieve some of the burden from my husband, who makes 15 meals a day.

nullCourtesy of Thermomix

The Thermomix does it all. It's a portable cooker, blender, food processor, and mixer all in one. It handles every step until your meal is done, including chopping, blending, steaming, cooking, stirring, whisking, weighing, mincing, and sautéing. It has multiple levels, so you can prepare rice in the main bowl while steaming vegetables in the basket above it.

The appliance features a screen linked to the brand's recipe app, called Cookidoo, which allows you to search for recipes, do weekly meal planning, add items needed for a recipe to your shopping list, and create your own recipe to add to the catalog.

Once you pick what you want to make — my first attempt was banana bread — the screen will guide you step by step through the recipe. You don't have to pre-measure ingredients; the Thermomix has an integrated scale, so you can add directly into the bowl and see the weight change as you go.

You can also buy accessories like a peeler or butterfly mixer to make your cooking prep easier.

I was fully prepared to gift the Thermomix to my mom after it collected dust on our counter, but I was wrong. We have used it every single day since getting it.

I like that I don't have to follow confusing steps on my phone or in a book to nail the perfect brownie. My husband likes that he can make risotto without having to hover at the stove, and instead can wait for the appliance to beep to let him know the food is ready.

While the price is steep, we've realized every other appliance we have — except for our kettle — is now collecting dust like I expected the Thermomix to. So we actually don't need any of the others.

My experience is a reminder that my mom was right, and always is, of course.

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