I'm Recommitting to Non-Work-Related Hobbies in 2021, Starting With These 3

India Yaffe

In the year 2021, one of my New Year's resolutions is to get some new hobbies. Let me explain: with so many of us sheltering in place and spending time away from our friends and family, there is an even greater desire to find some joy in our everyday lives. Furthermore, while I feel very fortunate to be working right now, and at a job I love no less, there is an increasingly blurred line between work and home life, and I'm looking to find a few things I can do just for fun. Hence, the desire for a hobby or two. If you can relate, keep reading.

This year, I'm interested in learning a new language, picking up tennis again, and starting to draw. All of these activities take me out of my head, keep me engaged with something, and are actually enjoyable. If you've been interested in taking up a new hobby, I invite you to join in any, or all, of these activities with me!


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