I'm proud of my mental health journey, says Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has discussed his mental health journey credit:Bang Showbiz
Kid Cudi has discussed his mental health journey credit:Bang Showbiz

Kid Cudi feels "really proud" of his mental heath journey.

The 38-year-old rap star has previously battled depression and suicidal thoughts - but Cudi insists he's now in a "great place" with his mental health.

He said: "Even if touring stuff wasn't going swimmingly and, and all this stuff wasn't happening, I would still be in a great place.

"It's always a lot when you go on the road. But I've been in such a great space and so happy with everything that's been going on and, I'm proud of myself, man. Like, I'm just really proud of myself. More than I've ever been in my life."

Cudi stars as an animated version of himself in Netflix's 'Entergalactic'.

And the 'Pursuit of Happiness' hitmaker is thrilled to have made something that's "never been done before".

Cudi - who has written an album of the same name - told the 'PEOPLE Every Day' podcast: "I always wanted to do a visual album, but that's been done before.

"So I really had to kind of take a step back and think of something new and fresh. 'Entergalactic' was the perfect formula. The animation coupled with the music, narrating the story, had never been done before."

The Netflix project features the likes of Laura Harrier, Timothee Chalamet and Vanessa Hudgens.

Cudi also enjoyed playing the part of Jabari, a character based on his real-life self, in the show.

The rap star - whose lyrics are often autobiographical - said: "I'm driven like Jabari, [but he is] more of a carefree spirit.

"I'm carefree, but I'm 38 now, so I think about my safety and like, breaking a bone. You're not in the like 24, 25, think-you're-invincible stage anymore of your life, you know?"