I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey's latest makeup free cover shoot

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Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Thanks to a year of intermittent lockdowns across, we've seen plenty of Lana Del Rey going au naturale or DIY with her look.

Whether it's revealing her natural skin texture or showing off her champagne blonde hair in its natural state (though let's not talk about lemon-gate, ok?), she's been quite the experimentalist over the past year or so.

And that trend continued today when Lana posted her latest Rolling Stone cover promoting the release of her new album, captioned "My exact face while listening to Chemtrails ❤️❤️❤️❤️", followed by a second snap from the same day, captioned "Just lip gloss 🌹".

In the picture Lana's curly hair is pulled back into a bun with baby hairs blowing in the breeze, and she's wearing a brown flannel shirt with a buff-style neck warmer. In the BTS caption she goes on to explain: "This was me on set for my sister as a gaffer/prop/ costume light technician, For her new music video coming out. You’d be surprised what I can do!"

As is to be expected, people were taken aback by her glowing, even complexion and fluffy brows - even Fearne Cotton got involved, commenting to tell Lana she has "raw beauty".

Disclaimer: It's hard to tell whether Lana's caption implies she's literally wearing zero makeup apart from lip gloss, or whether she's making a tongue-in-cheek joke, but on first impressions it certainly seems as though she's leaning into an all-natural aesthetic right now.

Either way, it's a super flattering snap (and can we discuss that golden light?).

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Anyone else literally searching for a free facial appointment when salons open as we speak?

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