I'm obsessed with a £25 high street version of this trending Prada bag

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I'm obsessed with a £25 high street version of this trending Prada bag

The Prada Cleo bag is, in no uncertain terms, this year's It-bag to know. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it was also the must-have designer bag of last year. And it's showing no signs of fading into the background soon, which is kinda good because I am high-key obsessed with it. As is usually the case with high-end bags, though, only a handful of people can actually afford them, leaving a whole slew of fashion fiends looking on wistfully at the item. And here is where high street dupes come in.

The bag, distinguished by its smooth, flat tablet-like design, teamed with a super skinny strap and an angular base is the definition of sleek. Available in countless colourways, and glossy and even jewel-encrusted finishes, the Cleo is peak minimalist '90s chic.

This is how the fashion set is styling the It-piece:

And here's the Prada version to shop, which retails for a cool £1,950.

If you don't have a casual couple of grand lying around but you're still *very* into the Cleo, I've got a handful of more affordable lookalikes for you.

First up is this black H&M piece with the shiny finish, silver hardware, and an adjustable strap:

Then there's this slightly more extra version, in full-on metallic silver:

Mango also has a similar option, with a slightly shorter, non-adjustable strap:

So there you have it - a more accessible selection of bags to shop, with a nod to one of this season's biggest trends.

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