I'm living for Cardi B's new pink and blue pixie hair

Kate Pasola
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From Cosmopolitan

Cardi B is the living, breathing epitome of in-the-house-bored on lockdown. Over the past few months she's been pretty busy filming her own bikini waxes and creating DIY hair masks in a bit, like us all, to keep busy (and relatively presentable).

But as she continues to hang out at home, it seems like Cardi's ramped up the beauty activities by a notch or two, now that seemingly she's able to have professionals visiting her.

Not only has she refreshed her incredible thigh tattoo and gotten two new piercings (dermals, in her chest) - meanwhile single-handedly clapped back at body shamers - she's also been experimenting with the most luxe, coiffed and popping wigs.

Obviously, our gal's natural hair is absolutely gorgeous too, but this woman literally suits any look she takes her hand to, as proven by the way she pulls of both a fuchsia crop and cobalt quiff - the latter complete with baby blue streak.

Oh, and can we just acknowledge the attention to detail here with her decision to match her eyebrows to each colour? Absolutely ingenious, Cardi.

Also, I just want to go ahead and call it: Cardi's short hair is heralding a renaissance of Frankie from the Saturdays / Riri circa 2009 crops. After years of long ponytails, extensions and waist-length balayage, are we heading into a fresh new cycle of above-the-jaw haircuts? Because I, for one, am here for that.

Anyway - onto the money shots. First up, check out the candy floss pink number.

And then onto a very similar blue option, which I'm also feeling.

I don't know about you, but all this changing from pink to blue is giving me huge Sleeping Beauty vibes. Only one question remains: what's next for Cardi B's technicolour dream hair? Stay tuned.

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