I'm Itching to Sink My Fangs Into Walmart's New 488-Piece Halloween Candy Variety Box

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Image Source: Walmart

If you weren't already planning to go as a piñata for Halloween, you may want to rethink your costume plans because Walmart's new 488-piece candy variety box is here to leave you stuffed. Packed to the brim with six different kinds of sweets, each box contains enough candy to feed even the hungriest little monsters on Halloween night. Treats include mini strawberry cream-filled Hershey's Vampire Kisses, Reese's cups, mini Kit Kats, Rolos, mini Twizzlers, and Jolly Rancher Chews. Plus, the mummy wrapping on the outside of the box acts as a festive decoration to liven up your pantry or place on your coffee table for easy snacking access during a scary movie marathon.

At nearly 6.5 pounds, there's enough candy here to stock all of your Oogie Boogie candy dishes and cobweb-covered bowls and still have plenty leftover for a late-night treat. Personally, I may have to repurpose those Jolly Rancher Chews and Vampire Hershey's Kisses as cupcake toppers for my Halloween desserts. But you can bet I will also be adding several of the mini Reese's cups to my personal candy stash.

Clear out a spot in the kitchen for the massive candy box and order your own 488-pack of Halloween treats here.

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Image Source: Walmart

Hershey Chocolate and Sweets Assortment Halloween Candy Bulk Box - 488 Pieces ($30)

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