'I'm all good with the nipple': Kendall Jenner didn't care about boobs showing at catwalk debut

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Kendall Jenner didn't care about boobs showing at her catwalk debut credit:Bang Showbiz
Kendall Jenner didn't care about boobs showing at her catwalk debut credit:Bang Showbiz

Kendall Jenner was "pretty chill" about her boobs being on display for her first runway shoot aged 18.

The 26-year-old model wore a sheer top for her catwalk debut for Marc Jacobs in 2014, and she was quite happy to free the nipple.

Taking part in Vogue’s 'Life in Looks' series, she said: “I had just turned 18 and I remember getting a call from my agent saying that Marc wants to put me in this sheer top, and I was like, ‘I’m game.'

“I was pretty chill, even though my boobies were out. I don’t mind, I’m all good with the nipple."

She continued: “So, it didn’t make me any more nervous. I genuinely was just like: ‘Dope, whatever they want. It’s their vision so let’s do it’. I was completely comfortable.”

The raven-haired beauty - who has since walked in shows for the likes of Chanel, Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi and Balmain - also recalled being given a walking lesson and how she ended being "really stiff" on the runway as she overthought the advice she was given.

She said: “I remember going into my agency and getting a walking lesson, because I didn’t necessarily know what I was doing.

“And I think I took the tips too seriously and ended up being really stiff when I got on the runway. I’ve learned a lot since then.”

Kendall previously admitted she likes to wear sheer tops when she's having "a good boob day".

In 2017, the 'Kardashians' star defended a picture of herself posted to Instagram in which she wore a sheer top with no bra, and covered her nipples with pizza emojis, saying she felt her chest "looked nice" that day.

She wrote on kendallj.com: "I don't know if you can relate, but I just felt like I was having a really good boob day, lol. Do you know what I mean? Your boobs go through phases and on this particular day, I felt like they just looked nice! (sic)"

She had consulted her close friends Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid before she posted the photo.

She added: "My shirt was see-through, so I took this photo and just texted it to Hailey and Gigi before I left to meet them and was like, 'Is this too much?'" she continued. "They wrote back, 'It's kind of a lot, but if you're into it, go for it!'"