I'll be living my best life on tour, says Latto

Latto is excited to tour with Lizzo credit:Bang Showbiz
Latto is excited to tour with Lizzo credit:Bang Showbiz

Latto will be "living [her] best life" while on tour with Lizzo.

The 24-year-old rap star and Lizzo, 34, will embark on their North American tour in April, and Latto is already looking forward to hitting the road with her showbiz pal.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's everything that I worked and prayed for, but it's like, go time. It's real life now. It's not a dream anymore."

Latto - whose real name is Alyssa Stephens - also revealed how she'll spend her time when she's not on stage, admitting that she plans on "pigging out".

She shared: "We be popping champagne. We got like this cool a** catering room with like vegan options and everything, so I just be like pigging out and living my best life, you know?"

Lizzo has worked with a host of big-name artists during her career, including with Cardi B on their 2021 single 'Rumors'.

And the singer previously hailed the chart-topping rapper as a game-changer for female artists.

Asked what she loves about the rapper, Lizzo explained: "Cardi B is the ultimate. She, to me, has always done it right.

"Everything that she said, every way that she's reacted because you know why? It's because she was true to herself the whole time. She's a ground breaker. You can't deny her ability. She's a superstar."

Lizzo added that Cardi doesn't even realise the extent of her own influence.

She said: "She has changed the game forever for a lot of us, a lot of women.

"I don't even think she realises she's doing it because it's just like, I'm trying to just be successful. I'm trying to get this money. I want to live a happy life."