IKEA 'Quillow' Is A Quilt And Pillow In One

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With lockdown restrictions starting to ease and many of us planning to spend more time enjoying the garden and outdoors, IKEA has announced the launch of a simple, yet innovative cushion that can turn into a full-sized quilt.

Not only is the 'quillow' a cosy and comfortable accessory for ‘al fresco April’ and beyond, it’s also made from 100 per cent recycled polyester, making it a more sustainable choice too.

The £25 ($34) FÄLTMAL recently arrived on the retailer's U.S. site and is expected to be available for U.K. customers in the coming weeks.

The original design is made of 100 per cent Nylon and recycled materials, but after hitting the Swedish furniture giant's website, the cushion's cocoon-like appearance gathered mixed reaction online.

The FÄLTMAL comes in green and measures 75x47 inches.

A smart fishnet pocket on its side means it can also be used to put away books or documents if needed.

It comes with a button at the back to 'keep it from sliding off when you reach for your coffee,' IKEA's website reads. When the time comes to pack up, the coat-quilt can easily be folded back into a cushion thanks to the zipper on its side.

The low-maintenance item can be put into the washing machine and the tumble dryer if required. On the website, IKEA amused fans by keeping the reveal inside the product description, presenting the pillow as a normal item before uncovering its unique coat function.