Idris Elba feeling lucky about Covid-19 battle

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Idris Elba is still thanking his lucky stars that his battle with Covid-19 was painless and brief.

The Luther actor was one of the first celebrities to test positive for the coronavirus and quarantine last spring, but unlike many people who contracted Covid-19, he suffered no after-effects and was back to full health in days.

"I don’t suffer any residual effects and during my time with Covid, I was asymptomatic," Elba told USA Today.

But his brush with the deadly virus, which also affected his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba, and the fact he survived has left him with a new take on life.

"I guess I feel incredibly lucky to have not gone down the worst route and thus it’s given me a slightly different perspective on life, a little bit more of a new lease on life," he added.

"There are things that I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t done that I’m doing and want to do and pursuing; personal things, small goals, things that I just put aside, things that I just said, 'Oh, I’ll do that one day', but now I’m doing."

Recalling his time with his wife in isolation, the Brit said: "More than anything, we all binged on films and stories and books during this time, especially during the hardest times of lockdown... The Queen’s Gambit and (classic British crime show) The Professionals."

Elba was quickly back at work, and Concrete Cowboy, his latest movie release, hits Netflix on Friday.