IDF Video Touts Aftermath of Al Shifa Hospital Raid—But Is Missing One Thing

Israel Defense Forces/Handout via Reuters
Israel Defense Forces/Handout via Reuters

The Israel Defense Forces released a video Wednesday purporting to show the aftermath of a raid carried out on Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital in search of evidence of Hamas presence. In the clip, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus claimed to show Hamas-owned weapons found in the building, including bags containing assault rifles, grenades, and uniforms. The footage also showed a closet with several more assault rifles and a laptop containing a photo of rescued Israeli soldier Ori Megidish. What the video didn’t show, however, was any command center or tunnel system inside or underneath the building. The IDF had previously alleged the existence of an underground command center to justify their operation at the hospital. Conricus said the search was still ongoing and they had shared “just the top of the iceberg.” International media outlets like the Associated Press and The New York Times could not independently corroborate any of the IDF’s assertions.

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