The Ideal Grind Size For Successful AeroPress Coffee

top view of AeroPress coffee
top view of AeroPress coffee - Michaelvbg/Shutterstock

Aeropress coffee is brewed by pressing a plunger through coffee grounds and hot water that has been placed into a plastic compartment. The pressure of the plunger helps impart flavor to your morning cup of coffee, resulting in a taste that is different from drip or French press coffee and closer to espresso. The size of the coffee grind matters, however, if you're looking to brew the perfect cup of coffee using this convenient and portable contraption.

Whether you're craving java at your office desk or are planning to take coffee with you to brew during your weekend camping trip, choose finely ground coffee to pour into your Aeropress. Since hot water isn't left to seep through the beans placed inside of the contraption, look to optimize the time you do have brewing your java. Some coffee-making methods call for the use of medium to coarser grinds, but you'll want to reach for finer particles of coffee beans to use with your Aeropress.

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Delicious Coffee With Minimal Effort

barista using AeroPress device
barista using AeroPress device - Rabizo Anatolii/Shutterstock

To maximize flavor and capitalize on the ease of this plastic device, look to fill the plastic chamber with a grind that is slightly more coarse than what is used to brew espresso. Finer coffee grounds won't be challenging to press the plunger through; if you choose too thick of a grind, however, the water you pour may drip through the paper filter quickly and give you a weaker-tasting cup of coffee.

An AeroPress is ideal for those who want quality coffee with minimal fuss, and the gadget is all you need to brew a tasty cup of Joe quickly and with ease. Pairing a similar steeping method used in a French press with the filtration process commonly found with pour-over coffees, this genius invention has changed how coffee is enjoyed. Use the simple device to serve a strong, concentrated cup of coffee, or finish your brew with boiled water to enjoy a smooth, silky cup that can help start your day off on a positive note.

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