Iconic Pop Culture Tracksuits That Came Before Squid Game

Squid Game's tidal-wave-like domination has made ripples across all aspects of the pop culture landscape. Everyone is buying Vans sneakers, Halloween was flooded with Squid Game costumes, the Korean stars are now beloved on a global scale, and tracksuits are trending.

As I fell down the Squid Game rabbit hole, I was reminded of my love of tracksuits. The wardrobe item is omnipresent in the miniseries, and I wasn't the only one who was hit with a forgotten affection for the staple. The other reported 111 million people watching Squid Game must have felt as nostalgic as I did, because Lyst reported that, globally, searches for retro-inspired tracksuits increased a whopping 97 percent . Now is the perfect time to revisit some of pop culture's most iconic tracksuits.

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