This Iconic High-Street Dress Is a Hit Every Single Year

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It's not often that a high-street brand manages to drop an item so successful that it brings it out year after year, so it is surely a testament to AllSaints' design prowess that its iconic and ingenious two-in-one dress goes into production every season. This autumn is set to be no different. Brought out in 2016, it was originally called the Kowlo dress and was based on a limited-edition style that the brand created for Selfridges. It did so well that it was expanded into the mainline collection.

Coming in two parts—a silken slip dress and an accompanying top—this smart dress design has won over influencers and fashion editors alike with its ready-made outfit appeal. Layering has never looked so easy. Unsurprisingly, it has been iterated on over the years, and it now comes in a variety of colourways and with a range of top styles, from tank tops and roll-necks to classic ribbed knits.

We've loved the style ever since we spotted it on WWW columnist Monikh Dale back in 2018, and it's a mark of the dress's versatility that it looks just as good with Monikh's chunky velcro sandals as it does with smart strappy heels à la Eni's Wardrobe. So whether you wear the pairing together or mix and match the separate components to create a variety of other looks, you know that you'll get plenty of bang for your buck with this sell-out high-street dress. Scroll down to see and shop the style.

Eni wears her mustard-coloured two-in-one dress with a pair of spangled heeled sandals for a party-ready look.

Chunky velcro sandals and a slouchy tote make for a contrasting, but no less chic, pairing with Monikh's all-black AllSaints dress.

Jessica Skye's grey iteration looks so good with heeled boots for a cosy autumn ensemble.

Shop the Two-in-One Dress

AllSaints Hera 2-in-1 Dress (£199)

AllSaints Hera Leppo 2-in-1 Dress (£199)

AllSaints Tierny 2-in-1 Coni Dress (£83)

AllSaints Tierny Roll Neck 2-in-1 Dress (£219)

AllSaints Darla Tiana 2-in-1 Dress (£219)

AllSaints Tierny 2-in-1 Coni Dress (£83)

AllSaints Tierny 2-in-1 Coni Dress (£119)

AllSaints Tiana Halftone 2-in-1 Dress (£219)

AllSaints Hera Remix 2-in-1 Dress (£75)

AllSaints Benno 2-in-1 Dress (£77)

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