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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez announced her impending marriage on Instagram with a hand selfie showcasing one of *the* biggest engagement rings in celebrity history. The rock was given to the singer by baseball legend A-Rod after approximately two years of dating, during a romantic beach proposal (complete with professional photographer). [Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez]

Iconic celebrity wedding and engagement rings

Princess, pear, heart, radiant… there are multiple diamond cuts to chose from when it comes to an engagement ring – and that’s assuming it’s a diamond you’re after. 

The past few years have proved that more people are opting to pop the question with coloured stones, from emeralds (Victoria Beckham) to sapphires (the Duchess of Cambridge) and a huge majority are fans of vintage styles.  

So whether you need help narrowing down your own decision, or just love checking out celebrity bling, take a look at these rings some of the world’s top stars have been given.

From flashy ones, to heart-shaped ones to more modest ones, get inspired by these beauties.