Iceland Is Selling Tower's 4L Air Fryer For Just £35

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Iceland's Bargain Tower Air Fryer Is Back! Hearst Owned

When Iceland first introduced its bargain air fryer back in October, a whopping 20,000 units flew off the shelves that same week. Now, they’re restocking the money-saving kitchen gadget to help Brits combat the cost of living crisis.

From the 28 November, shoppers can purchase the 4 Litre Tower Air Fryer for a discounted price of £35 when spending a minimum of £20 in store. Shoppers will also receive 10% off on their next shop at the till, to spend at Iceland or The Food Warehouse. Result.

But that's not all. Utilita Energy’s sustainability experts recently revealed that an air fryer could make back its cost in just 67 days of using it instead of an oven, based on the cost of energy under the new Energy Price Guarantee. For example, while Iceland's Butter Basted Chicken Joint costs £3.78 to oven cook, you're saving an impressive £3.13 (not to mention 40 minutes cooking time) by opting for the air fryer. We're sold.

tower air fryer iceland

While TikTok is awash with genius air fryer recipes and ideas, if you're struggling for inspiration on what to cook in your air fryer, then be sure to check out our all-time favourites.

Iceland is also making it even easier to use an air fryer by launching a money saving blog, Affoodable, that hosts a heap of air fryer recipes. It’s also the first supermarket to add air fryer instructions on the back its products, to help encourage energy efficient cooking.

Iceland’s Managing Director, Richard Walker, said: “Given the market-beating price, we knew the air fryers would be popular when they first became available, but no-one could have predicted they would have sold out so quickly. It reveals the tough situation that a lot of our customers are finding themselves in. With the weather getting colder and energy bills continuing to rise, we knew we needed to restock to help those who missed out the first time around.” Here's hoping we can get our hands on one!