Iceland Is Selling Battered Pigs In Blankets And It’s All Too Much

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Pigs in blankets are wonderful things – you can get regular ones, HUGE ones, ones that have been given an extra blanket in the shape of a flaky pastry layer, and now this: battered pigs in blankets.

Like, why have we not thought of this before? Battered sausages from your local chippy are the bomb. So why not combine our two favourite ways of eating sausages by battering a pig in a blanket. Genius.

And it’s all thanks to Harry Ramsden’s that we can stuff our faces with these little delights going forward.

Iceland is selling boxes of frozen battered pigs in blankets by the iconic fish and chips company, and we think these would make perfect canapés at your next Christmas party.

You can pick up these tasty treats from Iceland stores now.

So, back to that huge pig in a blanket, eh?

Asda’s Extra Special Ultimate Pig In A Blanket is 650g of delicious pork sausage wrapped in bacon! To be specific, Asda describes it as “a single, succulent, footlong pig in blanket, made with prime cuts of British pork, and wrapped in rashers of dry cured, oak-smoked bacon.”

This huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pig in a blanket would make a great centrepiece at any Christmas lunch, right? Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting you get rid of your turkey and have this instead. We’re simply suggesting you serve both…

You can pick up Asda’s Extra Special Ultimate Pig In A Blanket for just £5 in stores now.

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