Iceland Launches Bernard Matthews Bunnies For Easter And They're So Damn Cute

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Iceland

From Delish

Easter is just around the corner, and boy are we excited about it!

The Easter eggs, the roast lamb, and the adorable bunny-shaped stuff. And just when you thought there was anything else you could make bunny-shaped, Bernard Matthews goes and does this!

Especially for Easter, Bernard Matthews has created turkey bunny shapes. The tasty turkey dippers can be cooked straight from frozen, and will be ready to plate up in just 16 minutes. A bag of these turkey bunnies will set you back £2 a bag. You can buy them from Iceland right now. So hop to it!

Photo credit: Iceland

If you’re also looking for a bunny-shaped sweet treat, how do these white and hazelnut Lindt bunnies sound?

A while back, Top Foods UK shared a photo of the bunnies, which were spotted in Tesco, on Instagram; saying: “@lindtuk Bunnies 🐰 Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate! I’m trying my best to hold back on buying these until it’s closer to Easter 😛 however, I really cannot wait to try the Hazelnut and White Chocolate 😍”.

There’s also M&S’s Easter Colin The Caterpillar cake, which has been given a bunny-based makeover. But not everyone’s totally on board, tbh.

He’s been given big floppy ears, giant buck teeth, which could probably tear through human flesh, plus his new eyes are the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen.

He does have sweet little pastel-coloured sprinkles and mini carrots on his back, but it’s not enough to make up for the fact that Colin now looks like the nightmarish bunny from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

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