This Ice Lolly Mould Makes Lollies That Look Like Glasses Of Champagne

Anna Lewis

From Delish

If there’s one thing that’s better than drinking booze, it’s licking it. Let me finish…

Alcoholic ice lollies are the best, especially when you’re getting stuck into a garden BBQ on a nice hot day (pray for sunshine this weekend, guys).

If you’re going to make boozy ice lollies, wouldn’t it be cool if they look like booze too? The answer is, of course, ‘yes’.

These moulds make ice lollies look like glasses of Champagne or Prosecco (depending how fancy you are), and they are the epitome of class and sophistication. In fact, they’re called Sophistipops!

The description for these ice lolly mould reads: “Indulge yourself with a frozen treat that exudes high class and sophistication. These Sophistipops are easy to make and come out full of flavour!

“Simply fill it with your favourite drink to freeze, then place the champagne flute stems over the top of each mould and place it in your freezer.

“After a few hours, remove the set and pull on a glass stem to retrieve a Sophistipop.”

A set of the four moulds will set you back £8.49, which is a minuscule price to pay for the opportunity to show off to friends and family at your next BBQ.

Now all that’s left to do is send your butler into the vault to retrieve your finest pearls and tiara for when you hand your super-posh lollies out…


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