Can ice cubes – or pricier ice globes – revive puffy skin?

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The hack
Using ice as a skincare tool is a huge viral beauty hack, but is a slippery cube the best way to depuff skin?

The test
Old lipsticks made into ice rollers, frozen cucumbers as face massagers: the list of icy skin hacks is long. Why? Because applying something cold to the face feels nice and can reduce puffiness. Cold water isn’t a new idea, though – Marilyn Monroe splashed her face with it 15 times every night. Bella Hadid recently plunged her face into a bowl of ice cubes.

I put an ice cube in a small clear bag (to lessen the mess) and tried to use that as a facial massager. It lasted all of a minute before becoming a drippy puddle.

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This is where ice globes come in: they are cooling massage balls filled with a special kind of anti-freeze. Often made of glass or steel, the globes are used in cryotherapy, and hailed online for leading to glowing skin.

I popped a Fraicheur globe (£59.99) in the freezer for 20 minutes. After washing my face (and before applying any products), I massaged my skin in a circular motion for five minutes. It felt nice – you don’t run the risk of ice burn or broken capillaries – and, admittedly, my skin did look a smidgen less puffy.

The verdict
If you tend to retain fluid, an ice globe is worth a try – but only as an add-on, after your cleansing, serum, moisturising and sun protection routines. Yes, really.