Ice cube trays are designed to be filled up in a totally different way to how we do it

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Photo credit: annick vanderschelden photography - Getty Images
Photo credit: annick vanderschelden photography - Getty Images

Picture the scene: it’s a boiling hot day, and you’re absolutely gasping for an ice-cold drink – an iced coffee perhaps. But you’ve got no ice, so you’re going to have to fill up your trusty ice cube tray.

We’re guessing the way you usually do it is by just turning the tap on and putting the ice cube tray underneath; to spit water all over your trousers, making you look like you’ve had an accident, instead of actually filling the tray. Are we right?

Well, thanks to TikTok, we’ve just discovered the correct way to actually fill an ice cube tray, which means no more wet clothes.

The specific TikTok we’re talking about is this video from @brianmaster1987. In the short clip he shows us the wrong way to fill an ice cube tray, followed by the correct way. The second way involves him gently running the tap along the centre of the tray, which allows the water to evenly distribute into each section.

And the best part? There’s not a single drop of water on him when the job’s done.

Maybe you’ve been doing it like this for years, but we certainly haven’t, and judging by the comments on @brianmaster1987’s video, we’re guessing we’re not the only ones new to this technique.

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