These New Ice Cream Tubs Are Flavoured Like Your Favourite Chocolate Bars

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

Despite the fact that it’s absolutely freezing (shout-out to the snow at the weekend though – that was fun), there are so many new ice cream launches happening right now, and we just can’t get enough of those dreamy frozen desserts.

Cadbury and Nestle have both launched a new ice cream, and they’re based on incredible chocolate bars. Maybe even the best chocolate bars in the world? Don’t @ me…

First up there’s the Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream, which is creamy vanilla ice cream with big ol’ chunks of Dairy Milk chocolate and a smooth chocolatey centre.

Then there’s Nestle’s KitKat ice cream, which is chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream with lovely bits of KitKat running through it.

We know about these wonderful new launches thanks to @helenjtea, who shared photos of the ice creams on Instagram, plus some very soothing videos.

So, what does she think of the ice creams? Well, alongside the photos and videos, she commented that she was impressed at how both ice creams reminded her of the chocolate bars they’re based on, so that’s a banging result!

She picked up the tubs in Asda, so we recommend you hot foot it down to your local Asda immediately.

If cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles is more your thing, you might want to give Ben & Jerry’s new flavour a turn: Raindough.

It’s creamy vanilla ice cream with a swirly rainbow sprinkled cookie dough centre and plenty of coloured chunks.

What a time to be an ice cream fan, eh?

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