An Ice Cream Museum Has Opened In New York And There’s A Huge Pool Of Sprinkles

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: MOIC

From Delish

These days, you can literally make a museum of anything. There’s a dog collar museum in Kent, The Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavík (yup, it’s full of penises), and even one dedicated to barbed wire in Kansas.

So, actually, a museum celebrating ice cream doesn’t seem that mad, and actually sounds pretty damn incredible.

The Museum Of Ice Cream has opened in New York where it is welcoming fans of all things ice cream-based.

The museum is a lovely shade of pastel pink, and features 13 sensory installations over three floors. There’s a pool filled with multi-coloured sprinkles, and a bouncy castle house. Plus, a milkshake lounge and a Queen Bee Hive, which visitors are led to by the sound of bussing. Oh, and you can move between floors on a giant spiral slide.

The website describes the museum – which also has other venues in San Francisco, LA and Miami – by saying, “The Museum Of Ice Cream transforms concepts and dreams into spaces that provoke imagination and creativity. MOIC is designed to be a culturally inclusive environment and community, inspiring human connection and through the universal power of ice cream.”

Take a look on the MOIC’s Instagram page for inspiration on how you can take your own grid to the next level, as this place really is an influencer’s dream.

If you fancy taking a visit to the museum next time you’re in the Big Apple, you can buy tickets online.

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