Hyundai to Sell Vehicles on Amazon Starting in 2024

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Hyundai Will Begin Selling Vehicles on AmazonHyundai
  • Hyundai and Amazon have announced a new partnership that will see the manufacturer selling vehicles on the online retail giant's website.

  • After a customer purchases a vehicle through Amazon, delivery or pickup will be handled by local dealerships.

  • Sales will start with the 2024 model year, and the entire lineup is planned to be available through the site with options to narrow down searches by model, trim, color, features, and location.

Happy Honda Days and Toyotathon are always good for capturing the attention of year-end bargain hunters, but this year's car talk at the Thanksgiving table is likely to be more focused on Hyundai and Amazon's new partnership, which will see the manufacturer selling its vehicles on the massive website starting in late 2024.

2024 hyundai santa fe la auto show

Amazon is hardly the first online retailer to sell cars, but as Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, it is a big deal. Customers will have the option to narrow their search by available vehicles in their area by looking for specific preferences, including model, trim, color, and features. They can then choose their preferred car and check out online with their chosen payment and financing options, all done directly in Amazon's system. Once the sale has been completed, pickup and delivery will be handled through each customer's local Hyundai dealership. Other brands are expected to follow later in being sold via the retailing giant's website.

Amazon has a small Vehicle Showrooms section that leads users to auto dealerships to complete a sale, but the Hyundai partnership is the first that will actually sell you the vehicle completely through Amazon. A spokesperson for Hyundai told Car and Driver that dealers will be able to list their entire lineup on Amazon once the feature goes live. We were also told by Hyundai that dealers will set the price that appears on Amazon, and transactions will happen at the list price. That means no amount of haggling with your web browser will get you any discounts on your new Hyundai. But heck, who are we to assume—maybe your favorite podcast will have an online discount code you can use.

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