Who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10?

 Husky performs in I Wanna Rock Night on The Masked Singer season 10 .
Husky performs in I Wanna Rock Night on The Masked Singer season 10 .

We're not barking up the wrong tree when we say that Husky is larger than life on The Masked Singer season 10. The cool canine has piercing blue eyes that draw you in and keep you locked on their presence, so who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10? Read on to find out.

Husky's costume is, well, husky. With a massive furry mane, giant paws and a crown, there's no mistaking that this is one royal pup who appreciates the finer things in life.

Thankfully, there's an early clue that dropped ahead of the show's premiere featuring Royal Hen and Husky revealing clues about themselves and these early clues might be helpful in figuring out their identities.

Take a look at the first clue below:

Who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10?

Husky was revealed to be Ginuwine.

Who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10? Theories

"Don't go barking up the wrong tree," Husky says in the teaser. "Listen, here's 10 million hints at who I am." They pull the velvet cover off of their clue to reveal a big stack of money, and trust us that it's a husky stack of money!

Fans on social media were eager to post their early guesses as to Husky's identity. There was almost unanimous agreement among fans that Husky has ties to rap, whether they're a rapper or maybe even a producer. Some of the guesses include Nelly, Usher, MC Hammer and Ice Cube.

Other fans speculated that Husky could be an actor. Sisqó from Snow Dogs was one guess. And there was even a theory that Husky could be YouTuber Mr. Beast.

Elton John Night guesses: Babyface, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut

Harry Potter Night guesses: Tank, Ginuwine, Brian McKnight

I Wanna Rock Night guesses: DJ D-Wrek, Ginuwine, Brian McKnight

Promo image of Husky in The Masked Singer season 10
Promo image of Husky in The Masked Singer season 10

Who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10? Song picks

Husky will make their debut on The Masked Singer's Elton John Night. As soon as they perform we'll have their song pick right here.

Elton John Night song pick: "Benny and the Jets" by Elton John

Harry Potter Night song pick: "Superfreak" by Rick James

I Wanna Rock Night song pick: "Always" by Bon Jovi

Who is Husky on The Masked Singer season 10? Show clues

As soon as Husky's show clues are available, we'll gather them up for you right here.

Elton John Night clues:

Clue:  Presented by a rocket man. "I skyrocketed up the charts and landed on this platinum album"

Voiceover Clue: "The Husky is one of the world’s most majestic creatures. They’re known to inhabit all sorts of landscapes and elements. But they’re also extremely energetic, aware and loving. Just like me! When I first hit the scene, I had a strange effect on the female species. Every time I got on stage, they showered me with love. And sometimes, their underthings. Despite the positive attention, I was totally loyal. A family dog. More interested in my own brood than the trappings of fame. I’m ready to bring my boundless energy and talent and doggone dopeness to the Masked Singer stage. I just ask that those in the audience, please keep your cloth es on."

Harry Potter Night clues:

Harry Potter House Clue: Hufflepuff. "I actually had a feeling I’d be the Hufflepuff. Because of my connection to Mr. Puff himself, P Diddy."

Voiceover Clue: "I showed everyone last week, this dog can still hunt. But just like Harry Potter growing up, I was also an underestimated wizard. As a young pup, I was picked on a lot. Other kids always giving me a hard time and calling me skinny. So I retreated. Started working out on my magical arts and evolved from a skinny boy to a husky man. Soon, all those old naysayers saw my rise to the top dog. But, confession. Despite all the love, and inspiring some lovemaking, to this day I still don’t feel like I’ve made it. In my head, I’m just that little puppy with a dream trying to make something out of himself. And now I’m here, to prove that I believe in me enough to do anything, like winning The Masked Singer."

I Wanna Rock Night Clues: 

Clue: Wild. "Well, Nick, this one's for you. Sharing the stage with you again is wild."

Voiceover Clue: "I’m so thankful to still be here rocking with you in the Group B finals. This has been a wild ride so far, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The loss of my biggest fans, my parents, when they passed away within a year of each other I completely lost my way. I did anything I could to numb the pain. My heart was twisted. But I had to find a way to live without them. I didn’t want my children to hurt the way I was hurting. So I made a change. I’ve always looked at myself as a strong man. But learning to cope in a healthier way took all the grace I have. Now I’ve never been more confident in the Husky I am today. And I know that tenacity will take me into the finale."

The Masked Singer season 10 airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox and streams the following day on Hulu.  

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